Leeds Green Deal Trial

At Leeds Sustainability we are currently engaged in and intensive and extensive green deal trial.  The major contract funded through DECC enables the evaluation of thermal upgrades and energy efficient measures.  Extensive field tests will determine the extent to which thermal and energy improvements have been achieved as well as areas for further development.  Intensive testing will characterise, in detail, the whole building heat loss, the performance of individual elements and their interfaces.  The tests on unoccupied buildings will provide the most up-to-date data on the potential of such improvements and in-use monitoring will determine how effective such measures are when users with different needs make use of properties that have received the energy improvements.

A simple building survey methodology supported by thermal imaging and building forensics will also be used to determine the consistency with which the thermal upgrades are carried out.

The construction process will be monitored and feedback through action research and focus groups will provide continuous exchange of knowledge.


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